Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Happy Design, Happy Home

It seems to me that homes that are monochromatic or all shades of white can be serene, elegant, sophisticated, and beautiful....but at the end of the day a dash of color is what creates the "happy" in a home! If you are of like will definitely enjoy Rizzoli's latest book, Happy Home by Charlotte Hedeman Gueniau

I work with quite a few young families and I am always on the lookout for ideas for fun and useful spaces where families can feel free to be creative with  their kids and kick up their heels without the worry of the sky falling.

Charlotte has distilled the words "fresh", "casual", and "fun" into this book filled with her colorful, whimsical and fearless approach to interior design. The book has page after page of images of her own home and those of her friends....all of them brimming with ideas perfect for families to relax and get down to the business of living a happy life.

Just thought you might like a little peek inside......

Charlotte is well known for her ethical housewares company, Rice, founded in Odense Denmark in 1998. Her housewares line is just another extension of Charlotte's outlook on life......something that we all learn in kindergarten....let's treat each other how we would like to be treated and have fun doing it!

Many of you that have been reading blogs for awhile will have heard of Holly Becker from the Decor8 blog.  Holly has worked with Charlotte and included Charlotte's home in her book Decorate(I have this book too, of course!) Holly has written the forward for this book as well. They both have a love for Scandinavian style...the modern, easy feel of it and then splash it all with color.

Happy Home is arranged in the way I like function and by room. There are sections for Kitchens, Dining Rooms, Kids' Rooms, Work and Play spaces. There are ideas and explanations for each space illustrating how anyone can achieve a colorful life.

 The one thing you will notice is that there is always an abundance of white to anchor the spaces and to make sure they are fresh and bright. This is always an excellent starting point, especially because it provides a great backdrop to change your space whenever the mood strikes....and isn't that what life is all about? If you are not changing, you are not living!

Inspiring and fun....Happy Home is a great addition to my library, thanks to the very generous folks at Rizzoli. I hope you enjoy it too!

All photos courtesy of Jacqui Small LLC


Sylvie said...

I love the sofa with the slap-dash makeshift slipcover, just a couple of lengths of white fabric tucked in, informally, proudly displayed on the cover of the book! It gives us permission to not take design so seriously. You don't have to angst over selecting the definitive fabric for upholstering your sofa, the one that you can commit to for years. Let your space be mutable, transitory and changeable with your mood. Yay!


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Jules said...

I need this book! Thanks for sharing! xo - Julie

Sarah said...

Thanks for posting Katie, it looks like a fabulous book...I will be getting it for sure! I love Scandinavian style and lots of white with color, so refreshing...;-)

livingstyles said...

nice designs for family with kids, colors fit well.

Mary said...

Wow, beautiful! I love the exuberant use of colors throughout. I could not live without color in my own home. I am in love with my colorful bedding!